Lake City, FL — Lake City Medical Center is pleased to announce that the new minimally invasive Surgical  Robotic at the local 91-bed acute care facility is to be named. The new surgical robot system is will be named “Elsie-Emcie” after a submission of names from the community and a democratic vote from a chosen naming council.  “Elsie-Emcie” will be used by robotically trained General Surgeons to transcend some of the limitations of conventional surgery and to provide a minimally invasive option for a wide range of procedures. 

The name was submitted by two different people, who weren’t aware of the other’s submissions, Susan Martin-Reynolds from Records Management at Lake City Medical Center and Alicia Layne an instructor with the Nursing Program at Florida Gateway College. Both Spoke to the name as an expression of the Hospital’s initials (LCMC).

The council which voted on the name was made of community members from a broad spectrum of institutional entities in Lake City. There were representatives from the school board, City, Chamber of Commerce, Physician Community, Lake City Medical Center, Several Service groups and even the CHS valedictorian as a representative of the youth and future of Lake City.  There were over 150 submissions and the top ten names were presented to the assembled council, who determined the final name with a developed point based voting system.