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Alan Jugar: “At no time did I realize I was having a heart attack.”

As a self-employed landscaper, Alan is familiar with the Florida heat and certainly no stranger to hard work.

“I was working on a house, doing a little tree trimming, climbing up on the roof, cutting some branches that were on top of the roof. It was a very hot day and I noticed I was really sweating,” Alan recalls.

After experiencing increased sweating, dizziness and shortness of breath, Alan decided it was time to call it a day. But when the sweating continued after returning home to take a break, he knew it was time to make a call that would save his life. Alan didn’t know it at the time but he was having a heart attack.

“They called the EMT’s; the EMT’s made the quick assessment. He was on a helicopter and in Gainesville having surgery before I even got there,” says Eileen, Alan’s fiancé.

Alan was transported to North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville and underwent cardiac catheterization and the placement of two stents. After recovering from his heart attack, Alan received follow-up care at the Cardiovascular Center at Lake City Medical Center, where he received a defibrillator to help regulate his heartbeat.

Eileen is thankful for the level of care Alan received when he needed it most.

“I truly believe he’s alive today because of the partnership between Lake City Medical and North Florida Regional.”

Alan has many more lawns to design and care for as well as the opportunity to do the traveling that he and Eileen love so much. But one thing is for sure: they agree that they don’t have to travel far to get the highest quality healthcare they need.

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Dorothy Fielding: “I’m so glad we have a facility like this in Lake City!”

Dorothy Fielding recognizes the importance of regular, preventative health screenings. As a 55-year survivor of colon cancer and a woman with a history of breast cancer in her family, Dorothy takes nothing for granted.

“I had a very rough time during that cancer. I was almost dead clinically. My blood pressure went way high. My temperature went high. I was very, very ill,” Dorothy recounts.

So when Dorothy found a lump in her breast she decided to not take any chances. She decided to have a digital mammogram at Inivision Imaging Center at Lake City.

“You don’t really think that you’re going to have [breast cancer], but you test anyway. And everything turned out fine for at least 50-something years,” Dorothy says.

Fortunately, the lump she found turned out to be nothing but doctors determined she would need a mastectomy. Dorothy scheduled the surgery at Lake City Medical Center and was delighted with the care she received.

“Everybody was so nice, so very pleasant to me and I really appreciated it. The important thing was I didn’t have to go out of town to do it.”

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Clyda & Claire Griner: “I was sick with a sore throat all the time.”

No parent likes to see their child suffer with illness. So when Claire’s occasional childhood ear ache and sore throat became a chronic condition, Clyda decided to do something about it.

“We’d take her to the doctor and the pediatrician would give her an antibiotic; [they] did mention something about her tonsils being a little enlarged;  didn’t think much about it,” Clyda says.

About a year ago, on what had become one of the routine medical office visits in Jasper, the family practitioner noticed the size of Claire’s tonsils and made the referral to an ENT specialist in Lake City, who agreed that Claire would benefit from having the procedure. Wanting the best in pediatric surgical care for this procedure, Clyda decided to schedule the tonsillectomy at Lake City Medical Center.

“We arrived at the hospital and took her back to the OR. The folks there made her feel very much at ease…Everything, from the time we walked in the door to the time we left; we just had a great experience,” Clyda recalls.

Since her surgery, Claire has not had one infection. Clyda is glad to see her daughter enjoying life free of chronic infections and to have a facility in this area to provide such expert care for her family.

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James Johndro: “They did it well.”

At 83 years of age, James, or Jim as his friends know him, has no intention of slowing down. In addition to leading an active lifestyle with his wife, Jim is an avid sport bike rider. Used to riding at speeds topping 100 miles per hour, Jim was certainly not going to let cancer get in his way.

“I found out quite recently that I have lymphoma cancer. They removed a tumor from my right cheek,” Jim says.

Jim had surgery to remove a tumor from his cheek. However, doctors were unable to cut deep enough to remove the entire mass. When the cancer began to come back, Jim was referred to The Cancer Center at Lake City for radiation treatment.

“Fortunately, we were able to treat it with radiation. He needed relatively moderate doses of treatment. We didn’t have to treat him for 6 weeks; we could do it in less than that. He did very, very well with the treatments,” Dr. Mark Thompson, Jim’s radiation oncologist at The Cancer Center, explains.

While Jim’s cancer isn’t cured, it has been “put to sleep” as he says. He is very thankful he found a doctor to answer his questions and enable him to take an active role in his healthcare.

“A lot of doctors like to talk, but they don’t listen. I’ve got a doctor who’s very willing to listen!”

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